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S&W MP Shield OWB Holster


Smith & Wesson MP Shield in 9mm or .40 OWB Holster.  This is not for the 4 inch Shield.  Formed with angled wings to fit tight to he body.  the front and rear wing allow for clothing to drape natural over the holster.  Formed with a slight forward cant top the holster to provide a forward cant of the grip to give you a proper full firing group presentation. 

User adjustable on the ride height.  User adjustable on the retention.  All the retention happens on the trigger guard.  The control features have a channel to travel through. 

Full sweat guard provides protection from the sharp rear sights.  

Our standard Speed Clips allow for easy on or off of the belt while providing a very secure attachment.  the two opposing hooks really grip under the belt.

Options for Closed Wing loops or Angled Loops tat do not extend beyond the edge of the holster.