Sig P365 Holsters available

S&W 442/642 J Frame Revolver IWB Holster


Smith and Wesson 442 / 642,  38 Special J Frame revolver IWB Holster.  Fits .357 Magnum 1.875" J Frames also. This holster with the Offset Tuckable Clip sized for 1.25 inch to 1.75 inch belts, makes for an easy All day Comfort Carry holster.  An optional Upgrade to a Concealment Wing and Soft Loop option provide security on the belt with a Pull The Dot Snap.  On from the Bottom up and Off from the Top Down.  Very Secure.  The Concealment wing works with the belt to force the Grip tighter into the body.

 User adjustable retention.  Our retention is setup on one point while the clip is attached by two points.  We build a slight forward cant into this holster.  The security and reliability of a revolver and holster combination makes this setup a winner for all.