SW Shield 9 Plus holsters available.

Sig P229 IWB Holster


Sig P229 IWB Holster is for the Railed version of the P229 or the non railed version.  The SAS version has a round trigger guard IWB Holster.  This .40 caliber handgun rides in our IWB Holster all day very comfortably.  Setup with a zero or 15 degree forward cant.  This holster is designed to carry from 3 O'clock to 5 O'clock on the hip or upfront at Appendix Carry.  Setup with a deep ride height to help conceal the handgun.  We provide a full slide cover to help the clothing from getting stuck in the holster.

User adjustable retention.  Full undercut on the trigger guard area to allow for a complete purchase of the grip.  Magazine release is not covered.  The Railed version of this holster has an Optic cut on it to allow for optics mounted on the slide.

Optional Griphook and Concealment wing.