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Ruger LCR IWB Holster with Belt less Clip Option


Ruger LCR revolver Inside the Waistband Holster with our Belt less Clip option or our standard Offset Tuckable Clip sized for 1.25 inch to 1.75 inch belt width.  The Belt Less Clip has a single attachment point allowing it to flex with your movements.  The Clip allows for a shirt to be tucked in behind, between the holster and the Clip. The combination is great for carrying in a Handbag or on pant without a belt.  Up to 1/4" thick material.  This holster provides user adjustable retention.  

Normal Clip is our Offset Clip for attaching to your belt.

The ease of use for the LCR revolver and the security of the holster make this a great option for those who do not wear a belt regularly.