SW Shield 9 Plus holsters available.

Glock 43 / 43x / 48 OWB Holster


Glock 43, 43X or G48 Outside the waistband Pancake style holster.  Very form fitting holster with Asymmetrical wings to form around your hip.  Ride height is adjustable, Cant is adjustable.  Retention is adjustable.  Now cut open ended.

Available with three belt clip attachment options.  Our Speed Clips allow for putting the holster on while keeping your belt on.  Our Closed Loops extend past the edge of the holster to help in keeping the holster pulled in tight to the body.  Our Angled Loops offer a very small width to the holster.  

All edges are smoothed and polished.  A Full sweat Guard is standard.  It can always be cut, but a Minimum Sweat Guard can never be grown.