Updated Ruger LC9S holsters available

Glock 42 / 43 Combat Cut OWB Holster


Glock 42 or 43 Combat Cut Outside the Waistband Holster.  This convent All Day Comfort Carry holster allows you to carry a G42 or G43 in our Taco Design made as an OWB Holster.  Small package that rides real nice on the belt.  User adjustable retention.  Speed Clips for easy on or off the belt while still maintaining the secure fit to hold your holster in place.  This holster features a lower cut profile upfront to allow the slide to exit the holster quicker when drawing your firearm.  A reduced size sweat shield that is still full length to aid in keeping your clothing out of the holster.  This holster is setup with a slight forward cant allowing you a better purchase on the grip as you draw the pistol.