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Competition Holster and EDC Holster


Setup now in a Competition Holster and coverts to an everyday OWB Carry. " Don't Tread on Me" infused into the holster material. Who knew that New England was represented by the Head of the Snake in the original concept in 1754.

Available for several popular competition pistols.  If you do not see yours list you should ask us.

This Holster rig incorporates user adjustable Belt Tek Loks and or a Drop Offset .  The Drop Offset allows the pistol to ride a little lower and at a slight angle making it easy to get a full purchase on the grip.  Remove the Drop Offset and just attach the TekLok and you now have a holster setup that can be used for other competitions that do not allow drop offset. Set it up for EDC or out to the range for a day of competition.  The user adjustable thumbscrew make for convent on the fly retention adjustments.