Sig P365 Holsters available

This is our Color Chart and Specialty Patterns we offer.  Some items are in stock and others take about a week to get in.  Black is our standard color. Colors, Carbon Fiber Pattern and Specialty Patterns are an Upgrade option.

Specialty Patterns

Since there are so many options available for Specialty Patterns, we will show a small sample of what is available on a regular basis.


American Flag Full white                Blue Flame Tiffany                            Dont tread on me battle worn mustard yellow


American Shield white                    Full Color Flag Dont tread         For god and Country

                                                        on me white


Rusted Metal with American Flag Tan    Spartan Molon Labe scratched    Thin Blue Line Flag on Grey

                                                                   worn metal Light Grey


us flag w constitution on white        Join or Die angled                    Skull Flag


Red Skull w stars                            MARPAT w 1/2 Marines            K9 w Flag


Spartan w Greek Flag                    Celtic Cross                                American Infidel

Many more are available

Mold List 02/2017

AMT Backup
Beretta 21A
Beretta 92FS Vertec
Beretta 92A1 w rail
Beretta M9a1
1911 5 inch
1911 5 Inch w Rail SA TRP
1911 4.25 inch
Kimber 1911 3 Inch
Rock Island 1911 3 1/2
Canik TP SA 9m
Charter Arms 357 2 1/4
CZ 75 9mm
FMK 9mm
FN 509
FN 509 Tac
FN 509 Tac w APLc Light
Glock 17
Glock 19/23
G19 w Olight PL Mini, Mini 2, Baldor Mini
Glock 20 / 21
Glock 26 / 27
Glock 26/27 w TLR6
Glock 30SF
Glock 34 / 35
Glock 36
Glock 41
Glock 42
Glock 43
HK 45
HK 45 C w decocker or wo
HK P2000 SK
HK P30 L
HK UPS 9 Compact
HK USP 45 Compact
Kahr PM9 /40
Mossberg MC1sc
Mossberg MC2c
Ruger LCR w Crimson GP
Ruger Max 9
Ruger SP 101 2 1/2”
Ruger Security Six revolver
Ruger P345
Ruger SR22
Ruger SR9 Fullsize
Ruger SR9 Compact
Ruger SR40 Compact
Ruger LC9
Ruger LC9 w Lasermax
Ruger LCP 2
Ruger 57
Sig 1911 XO
Sig 1911 5” w Rail Scorpian
Sig 1911 3.3 inch
Sig P220
Sig P226 w Rail
Sig P238 with Laser
Sig P238 No Laser
Sig P238 W Viridian R5
Sig P239
Sig 229 SAS Round Trigger Guard
Sig P290 RS  Sub-Compact
Sig P320 Carry .45 fits Compact
Sig P320 Fullsize, M17
Sig P320 / M18
Sig P320 TLR1
Sig P320 TLR7 / 8
Sig P365
Sig P365 XL
Sig P365 TLR6
Sig P938
Sig P938 w CT492
Sig P938 w TLR-6
Springfield 911
Springfield Armory XDs 4”
Springfield Armory XDs 3.3”
Springfield Armory XD 9 3.3
Styer M40a1
SW Governor
SW MP 9 Long Slide 5 inch
SW MP 9/40 4.25 inch
SW MP 9/40 Compact
SW MP 9/40 w X300 light
SW MP 45
SW SDVE 9 / .40
SW Shield W CT LG 489
SW Shield 9/40
Sw Shield 9 Plus
SW Shield w TLR 6
SW Shield w Viridian R5
SW Shield 45
SW BodyGuard w Laser
SW BodyGuard No Laser
SW Governor
SW Mod 410 .40
SW 442 /642 J Frame
SW M36 J Frame
SW M360 1.875” J Frame
SW M640 2 1/8” J Frame
SW 686 Plus 2 1/4”
Taurus PT 111 / 140 G2
Taurus G3c
Walther PK380
Walther PPKS
Walther P22
Walther PPS Gen 1
Walther P99c AS 3.3”

Glock 9mm and 45
HK P2000SK/ P30SK
SW BodyGuard
SW MP 9/40
SW Shield 9/40
SW MP 45
Ruger SR9 / SR40
Sig P229
Sig 238
Sig P938
Walther PPS Gen 1