Sig P365 Holsters available

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Your source for custom crafted Kydex holsters for your pistols.  Everyday you go out into the world, you should have your personal pistol with you.  When it becomes uncomfortable or a hassle to carry your pistol with you, you don't.  You need All Day Comfort for your pistol carrying.  

Our Inside the Waistband Holsters keep their shape when you do draw your pistol from your holster.  That is critical.  Soft backed holsters of soft material holster collapse inside your waistband when there is no pistol inside.  I know these things because we have tried other manufactures holsters that we thought we might like.  Our Kydex Holsters retain their shape.  
Concerns about pistol finish wearing when using the Thermoformed Holsters?  We manufacture tolerances into each holster to provide the right amount of slide and frame clearance. Our holster rely on the Trigger Guard area to provide all the retention that is needed to keep your firearm securely in the holster, yet provide a positive release from the holster when needed.  All of our holster styles allow for adjustable retention.  That is so important in Everyday Carry to Competition Carry.  We offer over 150 various handgun holsters.  Check our complete mold list here.